Fursuit Commissions

I open for commissions typically once or twice a year. These openings are usually 1-3 spots as I do not like to overload my queue. As these spots are very limited, many factors determine who gets selected into my queue. I will announce an opening date a month or two beforehand, although a rough estimation will be posted on the front page of this website until a specific date is decided on. When the opening date is announced a form will also be posted you can submit in order to obtain a quote, once I am officially open for commissions a second form will be posted which you must submit in order to apply for one of the commission openings. You MUST submit a quote form before submitting the commission form as I do not want to select you for a slot only for you to back out if my pricing does not fit your budget. You MUST submit a commission form in order to be considered for a slot, if you do not submit a commission form you will not be considered for a slot as I will have no way of knowing you are seriously interested in commissioning me. The commission form will stay open for responses for three days after when I open for commissions, after that the form is closed and I will look through the responses and choose who I would like to accept into our queue. It is NOT chosen by first come first serve, multiple factors such as character design, type of suit, pricing, and the applicant themselves are taken into consideration when I select applicants.


these are just starting prices and will go up depending on design complexity

All are in USD

Head: $1,000+

Partial (head, handpaws, tail): $1,500+

Feetpaws and arm sleeves can be added onto the partial option, these add-ons start at the prices listed below

+feetpaws: $250+

+armsleeves: $200+

Plantigrade Fullsuit: $2,500+

Digitigrade Fullsuit: $3,000+

we do NOT accept commissions for anything outside of what is listed here (headbases, paws, tails, etc)