Terms Of Service

These Terms of Service contain important information for you as the client, to know and understand. It your responsibility to understand these ToS fully before agreeing to them.

By commissioning me, you are agreeing to these terms. 
Clients must be over 18 years of age, or 16 years of age with written parental consent. Clients may be asked to prove parental consent or asked to provide a valid photo ID.

I am NOT always open for fursuit quotes, I only open for quotes when I open for fursuit commissions, and I only give quotes to those I am interested in giving a slot to. (i.e. once commission forms are closed, I will message those I wish to accept with a quote and if they agree to the price we go from there) I do not give out quotes to all that apply as I may receive upwards of 100 commission forms with many only interested in a quote. Email any questions to deerinahat@gmail.com or use the contact form found in this websites contact page.


Your suit must be fully paid before production on the commission will begin.
If your project is accepted, a non-refundable deposit of 30% must be made up front. This deposit will be used to purchase supplies for the upcoming project, and you will be added to the queue. The buyer is responsible for the final cost of shipping, and your suit will not be shipped out until it has been paid in full. Payment plans may be available for larger projects with no less than $300 paid per month. Payment is accepted via paypal only. Shipping must be paid separate from the cost of the suit.

I do NOT accept deadlines under any circumstances. If your suit is not at the beginning of the queue it may be weeks-months before your commission is started, you may inquire about your wait time as it depends on the time of year and how many projects I currently have.

I like to take my time on projects in order to ensure they are of the highest quality I can offer, whilst I try to keep concentrated on only a few projects at time, you may receive a lot of updates one week and none the next. Other projects (including non-commission items) may be worked on/completed before or during the duration of your commission.

I may not always have time to respond to comments and small talk. I will not reply to small talk messages that only have “hi” or “how are you”. Do not take it personally, I just have a lot of things to do! Messages should be used for business discussions only. Try our personal social media accounts (Twitter, Instagram, etc) if you are looking for casual chatting. Client must be able to respond promptly to messages, I will send WIP pictures as the suit progresses for confirmation, if a response from the client cannot be attained within a reasonable length of time it can hinder to progress of all work in the studio.

You must have a complete 3-view reference for your character. If you need one, I can reach out to my concept artist Shoutmilo for him to make you one for an additional fee.

Your deposit is 100% NON-REFUNDABLE. If you decide to cancel your commission, a refund will be calculated based on how much work has been done on your suit or you may be sent the raw materials as compensation. I reserve the right to issue a refund and cancel a commission due to poor communication, rude or inappropriate behavior, or inability to communicate in effective English. Depending on the situation, your deposit may be kept and you will be sent the materials bought as compensation. If personal issues come up and the Artist is unable to complete your commission, you will either be issued a refund or another agreement shall be worked out. If cancellation is due to an event on our end a full refund will be admitted. Clients are NOT permitted to sell or give their spot to an outside party without explicit permission to do so. Violation of this will respond in immediate termination of the commission and a blacklist from further business.